Sowing The Seeds Of Growth

Updated: May 20, 2020

Our first blog is finally here!

Aima Amouri is coming up to two years old. We’ve evolved dramatically over the past two years.

The first year, we defined our vision and in year two, we’ve streamlined our processes and thanks to the wonderful support we’ve received, started to think more about growth.

Where It All Began

I remember sitting in our kitchen/lounge area where we sat and casually discussed starting up our very own fashion brand. Picture this: a mum of 4 and a brand new mum to one, both with newborns, both with a love for fashion and both with a passion to build something that can grow around the responsibilities that come with motherhood.

Two sisters who share a love for fashion, elegance and comfort. With one who has a love for comfortable, oversized but flattering clothing and the other always focusing on hijab fashion. We combined our tastes and created a brand we both love. Our passion lies in modest clothing which can be worn by anyone, regardless of their beliefs.

​The inspiration behind Aima Amouri comes from our daughters and our aim is to help women be modest, yet confident and empowered. To not only look good but to feel good too. The qualities that we feel are important as we raise our young daughters.

We knew what we wanted and we knew that making it work in this current day and age would take a lot of hard work.

So as we continue on our journey here, with an aim to make quality, on trend and affordable modest fashion accessible to women like us, we’d like to thank you for supporting our brand so far and with your continued support, God willing, we will continue to grow, for women like us.

We are Aima Amouri.

#iamaimaamouri #modestfashion #empowerment

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