Eid Mubarak!

Ramadan 2020 has flown by, it was a different type of Ramadan with Covid-19 but if I’m perfectly honest with you, it was the best Ramadan I think I’ve ever had.

No disturbances with having to do the school runs or having to leave the house, spirituality was high and focus on the purpose of this month was intense. I’ve loved it.

Back to Eid!

Who remembers the excitement in the lead up to Eid as a child?

As a very young child, Eid was always at my grandparents. My dad and uncle (and brothers when they were old enough) would go to read Eid prayers, dad would return with Mithai (Pakistani sweets). He would go to my grandparents with sweets before coming home. We would all enjoy Eid breakfast, get dressed into our new clothes and all go to my grandparents to celebrate Eid with our extended family. The mums would help in the kitchen while we all played with our cousins. We would receive £1 or £2 each from everyone for Eid and collect all our money in our little bags. Those were the best days.

Memories Last Forever

As we got older and our grandparents got older, our mum began hosting Eid. She would prepare delicious food with preparations starting days in advance. I specifically remember grounding spices for her delicious Shaami kebabs. To this day, mum prepares her famous ‘kheer’ (Rice pudding) 2 days before eid day.

Making Eid Exciting For The Kids

Now, with children of my own, some Eid traditions have changed. I don’t think our kids will ever understand what Eid was like for us as children and I feel we must try harder to make them realise why its so special. Commercialism is partly to blame and with 'western' celebrations portrayed as they are, the effort to make Eid exciting too must be made.

I decorate our home with banners and lights, I make an effort to wrap presents for Eid day and as always, family gatherings play a huge part as well as a day full of feasting.

This year Eid ul fitr was quieter, but it was still special.

We make an effort to help our children understand why we celebrate Eid and we have started to allow our children to pick a charity they would like to donate to and why, so that they can learn to value giving. This year our children chose to donate towards planting an olive tree and buying an Eid gift for an orphan.

As a company, we decided to donate 10% of our profits from the final week of Ramadan to SKT welfare. With your help, we will have been able to contribute towards a good cause, so a heartfelt thank you for helping us support such a wonderful charity.

Wherever you are this year, however you celebrated, I hope you too had an amazing feast prepared and your home was and continues to be full of blessings upon blessings upon blessings, God willing.

From Aima Amouri to you, lots of love on this very special Eid.

#eidmubarak #withlove #sktwelfare

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